Synergy: Group Exhibition

19 June - 17 July 2020
Tristan Hoare is delighted to present a Summer exhibition focussing on material, texture and form. Ceramics, textiles and watercolours are woven together to produce a grounding exhibition for turbulent times! 
 It is an honour to place three great ceramicists in the same gallery space, all of whom come from Japan and work in white! Taizo Kuroda (b. 1946) and Shiro Tsujimura (b.1947) are two of the best known artists of their generation. Both took unconventional routes to ceramics and have learnt from historical Korean and Japanese masters adapting what they have learnt to produce a language of their time. Kaori Tatebayashi (b.1972) is the next generation and grew up in Arita, a town famous for its traditional ceramics. She lives in London and like Kuroda and Tsujumura has developed her skill focussing on moulding nature from life and transmitting this experience.  
The second layer of the exhibition are the textiles and watercolours which compliment the ceramics through their use of natural materials and their investigation of form. 
Carolina Mazzolari and Paolo Colombo's techniques are labour intensive, skilful and through their work are able to convey something beyond the materials they employ.  
Synergy will also be available to view at the gallery by appointment only. For more information please contact: