The Collection of Monsieur X: Pierre Le-Tan

28 September - 17 November 2018

Tristan Hoare is delighted to present The Collection of Monsieur X, curated by Umberto Pasti.


The exhibition will feature a diverse grouping of artworks, chosen and arranged by Pasti, which will be illustrated in Le-Tan’s distinctive style and exhibited around the gallery. The artworks will range from classical to contemporary and will be laid out in the gallery’s Georgian rooms, which will be transformed into an eccentric collector’s apartment and presented as if he had just left the room.


Umberto Pasti is an Italian writer, curator and landscape designer, living and working in Italy and Morocco. His Moroccan hillside garden is famous for the hundreds indigenous plants which he has saved from extinction. Passionate about natural conservation, Pasti has designed numerous gardens in Italy, Spain and Morocco, each one imbued with a story, designed around an imaginary character. His landscapes also feature prominently in his books, becoming the protagonists of his many novels and illustrated albums. Pasti fervently collects and curates objects in the same way he cultivates plants, seeking the rare and the endangered to create a bucolic, eclectic ensemble.