Edith Marie Pasquier

Edith Marie Pasquier engages with ideas of perception and space in relation to contemporary philosophy and photography. Revisiting the ‘pure aesthetic’ and analogue techniques of the early innovators in photography she employs ‘differential focus,’ attempting to probe the physical and spatial dimension of the photograph and inviting the viewer to feel the surfaces and layers within an image.


By working with the early tools of photography – “encounter with subject, focus plane and printing processes”– her work takes us to experiments in writing, drawing, moving image and the hand printed image.






Consider the Birds is a body of work in which Pasquier has sought out contact with wild animals and attempted to replicate her experience using a variety of different media. Photographic images, text, and sculpture are employed in the exhibition to push beyond the boundaries of traditional photography allowing her to seek out her subject matter, implying what is felt as much as what is seen.

For three years, Pasquier travelled to the famous bird observatory at Falsterbo in Sweden where migrating birds from all over the world are documented. Using a Hasselblad camera, the results are a fascinating group of intimate portraits far beyond the descriptive purpose of the scientific lens.