Carolina Mazzolari

Carolina Mazzolari started as one of the creative founders of PIGmag in 1999. She trained as a textile artist at Chelsea College of Art, concentrating in dyeing techniques and screen printing. Following the completion of her degree in 2003, Mazzolari opened her art studio in Milan while working as Head Designer, specialist in Textiles Jaquards at Verger. She has lived in London since 2014, works in a variety of mediums and is inspired by psychoanalysis, intuition, cognition and emotional development.


Carolina’s textiles are inspired by Kurt Lewin’s space diagrams and Carl Gustav Jung’s theories on the collective unconscious. These ‘Emotional Fields’ as she calls them, are manifested as woven maps, guiding the viewer through abstract states which are described in cotton, silk and wool thread embroidered onto an unprimed linen with her herringbone stitch technique. In each map there is a sense of intimacy as the artist has physically interacted with the fabrics over many hundreds of hours. The art works are reminiscent of mandalas where love, hesitation, loss, grief and struggle are described in personal and universal language, suggesting a deeper human pattern.

Whether large or small scale Carolina’s tapestries are rich in symbolism, portraying archetypal motifs which embody universal traits and emotions.


Tristan Hoare showcased Carolina Mazzolari’s first UK solo exhibition in September 2019 at 6 Fitzroy Square, London.