Alessandro Twombly: Sculptures

Peter Elfert , Salon, 28 May 2021

Peter Elfert's conversation with Alessandro Twombly delves into his interests and inspiration, alongside the roots of his artistic practice and the connection Twombly has with his work.  


The new exhibitions at Gagosian, the purchases made by a famous museum in Korea or how the Frick Collection with its Rembrandts and Titians feels at its new home in New York’s Breuer Building. Those are all things that you could easily spend hours talking with him about. For years now, he has been surrounded by exciting galleries like Alessandra Bonomo, Aurel Scheibler and Tristan Hoare, as well as by international art collectors. What does Alessandro Twombly enjoy speaking about most, though? But one thing at a time.


Photos by Gerardo Gaetani d'Aragona. Text by Peter Elfert.


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