Paolo Colombo: The Acclaimed Italian Artist Who Knows Art Inside Out Explains Why He Splits His Time Between Athens and

St├ęphanie Artarit, Beyond Greek Salad, 4 April 2021

Stéphanie Artarit, the French author of Assouline's Athens Riviera book and friend, interviews Italian-born, Athens-based artist Paolo Colombo. 


Artarit describes him as very sweet and curious about people; the opposite of egocentric, an attribute which is quite rare of an artist. She sees his work as delicate and admires him for being extremely cultivated, a true gentleman, not superficial at all. In her own words, "he made an effort to read my novel Devil's Variations in the original in French. This shows who Paolo is. Someone who is trying to understand people, who they are, what they are doing…"


In this interview, the esteemed journalist, writer, and psychoanalyst asks the artist important questions about his life and career choices, a story of action and tranquility at the same time.   


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