Tristan Hoare - 2D Works - 01

“There couldn’t be a more appropriate setting for me to show these drawings, so full of memories, than in the classical rooms of Tristan Hoare’s renowned gallery.”

– Nicky Haslam


This December Tristan Hoare is delighted to present an exhibition of Nicky Haslam’s interior drawings. Roomscapes will display over 50 drawings and water-colours of projects designed and drawn by Nicky Haslam during his illustrious career. Spanning from the 1980s to the present day they include private houses, swimming pools, member’s clubs, set designs, retail shops and set design for parties from London to New York. 


Today, interior designs are created with the help of computers, Haslam’s Roomscapes are a refreshing reminder of the way designers used to work and provide an insight into the creative process and eye of one of the world’s most celebrated interior designers.


Tuesday 10th December – Friday 13th December 2019



Tristan Hoare Gallery

6 Fitzroy Square

London W1T 5HJ