Kaori Tatebayashi

The Walled Garden

12 November - 12 December 2020

Tristan Hoare is delighted to announce Kaori Tatebayashi’s first solo exhibition at the gallery in Fitzroy Square.


Ceramics and the natural world are Kaori’s passion. Working in hand formed white stoneware she produce portraits of flowers and plants with amazing precision, not only describing how they look, but also how they feel. The result is an experience which comes very close to nature. Modelling directly from flowers and plants in season Kaori creates three dimensional sculptures in which she aims ‘to capture time and preserve it within the clay.’ The fired ceramics encapsulate the fragility of nature’s cycle, preserving the fleeting moments of a plants life.


The exhibition will be split into two parts. The first room will display plants, ferns, brambles, flowers and other creations inspired by the natural world around her. These might be found near her studio, the park, her garden or by exploring the National Trust and Garden Scheme. These ceramic still lives will be mounted on the walls and shown as individual pieces or as groups throughout the front room. The largest wall will display a frieze inspired by a residency in Somerset and loosely based on Japanese screens of the Edo period. The ceramics will climb and weave their way around the Georgian features to the second room where Kaori is setting up her studio. In this room she will work surrounded by the familiar trappings of her studio, aiming to introduce people to her craft and tell her story through the environment and atmosphere she chooses to work in.


Born in Arita, the home of Imari porcelain in Japan, Kaori grew up in a family trading pottery and was surrounded by beautiful ceramics since her childhood. She studied ceramics at Kyoto City University of Art and at The Royal College of Art. She has exhibited internationally, received awards from the Crafts Council, and carried out a commission for the British Museum’s Grenville Room in 2009. Kaori lives and works in London.